Why Mytaverse?

Mytaverse provides a simple answer in a world that now demands a natural and seamless hybrid reality experience. Unforeseen circumstances in modern life have left many of us working from home but needing to be somewhere else to most effectively accomplish our work. In other cases, there exists a pent up need to show customers your products. Travel restrictions, however, are making it very difficult and even sometimes often impossible to meet with customers. Don't worry, though, because we've got you covered.

Mytaverse allows for multi-user face-to-face interactions anytime, anywhere.

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Mytaverse is an ecosystem that captures the best technologies available and creates the unique “Mytaverse Experience.” Whether the customer’s need is the organization of job simulations for upskilling employees; or, the digital construction of customized work spaces for showrooms, trade exhibitions and much more, Mytaverse establishes a borderless, even gravity-free, environment.

The synergy between physical and digital work environments continues to strengthen as employers and employees demand a seamless experience when working remotely. In fact, what we are seeing is a working renaissance as companies adjust to the new demands of the post-pandemic world.

The company

Founded in 2020 and based in Miami FL, GathR Virtual Studios, Inc. created the Mytaverse to meet demand for virtual and augmented meetings and workspaces. As a fully immersive platform using Epic Games Unreal Engine, Mytaverse offers shared and dynamic experiences for business, education and training, entertainment, and more. Thanks to a hardware-agnostic approach, Mytaverse enables users from anywhere to enter using only their browser on their PC or Mac. The mobile version is coming soon, which will enable Mytaverse anywhere, anytime, all the time.

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