Mytaverse Technology
Anytime, Anywhere

Mytaverse users can access the ecosystem from anywhere using only a browser on their PC or Mac.
Mytaverse is developing a mobile version which will allow users to engage anywhere, anytime, all the time.
The Mytaverse platform streams you live to any device on any hardware to anywhere in the world.

3D features and assets designed
to mimic real-life dynamics

Users can deliver a consistently reliable user experience while distributing interactive 3D content, including massive data files and graphic-intensive applications, to any device regardless of hardware capabilities.

Immersive Experience with
Robust Security

As anyone with experience in trade shows can attest, the security procedures–even before COVID–were getting more strict and time-consuming. Long lines often greet attendees at events and for obvious reasons there is no way around them. Emptying pockets and clearing laptops, phones and other metal objects through security is not always the best way to start an event. Mytaverse helps you put those inconveniences aside.

Realistic Participant

Mytaverse participants can create personalized avatars with a digital likeness or real-time streaming video that does not require VR/AR goggles.

In the 3.0 build, the user experience will be enhanced by 3D holograms that permit other users, both present in-platform and in a hybrid environment, to better feel the mood and body language of their colleagues and better understand their meaning.